Pet PAvilion swimming pool for dogs


Our state of the art facility includes an indoor heated purpose-built dog exercise and hydrotherapy pool. The pool is a great way to help your dog stay healthy and active, while allowing them to have some fun. The pool is commonly used for dog rehabilitation, as it can help to reduce pain and inflammation, and also improve balance, coordination and agility.

The Benefits of Swimming for Dogs Beyond Just Fun

Dog rehabilitation
Swimming can be very beneficial in dog rehabilitation as it is a low-impact activity that helps to reduce pain and inflammation, while also helping to improve balance, coordination, and agility
Weight loss
Swimming can also help with weight management, as dogs are more likely to burn a lot of calories while swimming in the pool.
Sports & show conditioning
A great way for dogs to stay in shape for sports and show conditioning. It also helps to strengthen the muscles and provide an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise.
Overall fitness
Swimming can help to improve a dog’s overall fitness, from their stamina and endurance to their agility and coordination.
Pet pavilion team member in the pet pavilion swimming pool training a dog

Improving Your Dog's Health with Hydrotherapy

During a hydrotherapy session for your dog, you can expect your pup to be supported in the pool water by a buoyancy vest or other flotation device. The water temperature and depth can be adjusted to accommodate your pup’s needs and abilities. Depending on the condition being treated, the session may involve light swimming or walking.

The session may also involve the use of special equipment, such as resistance jets, to help strengthen the muscles and improve coordination. Your pup may also receive massage-like techniques, such as stroking and kneading, to help relax the muscles and improve circulation.
At the end of the session, your pup will receive a fresh water rinse to ensure they stay clean and comfortable.

Swimming Session Details

At Pet Pavilion Swimming Pool for dogs, each swim session runs for a full sixty minutes, with a maximum of one dog per session. We provide complimentary leads, collars, towels, blow dryers, and buoyancy vests for use during your visit.

After each swim, your pup will receive a fresh water rinse to ensure they stay clean and comfortable. Our trained staff are always in the water to provide assistance and support throughout your visit.
All swimmers must have up-to-date vaccinations, and we also provide life jackets for added safety and peace of mind.

So come visit us today in Abu Dhabi and let your pup enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool!

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What our wonderful Hydrotherapy clients are saying


We are amazed how weekly hydrotherapy has had such a positive impact on Molly over the last few weeks. She’s almost like a new dog. I can’t recommend Pet Pavilions work highly enough.


My dog had a lot of trouble with his joints and was having difficulty getting around. After a few sessions of hydrotherapy, I noticed a huge improvement in his mobility. He’s back to running around and having a great time


After my dog had surgery, hydrotherapy was a great way to help him recover. It helped to reduce his pain and inflammation, and he was back to his old self in no time!

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